Galapagos Penguin – Endangered

Meet the Galapagos Penguin – the only penguin that lives north of the equator. Galapagos penguins are also the rarest penguin species and some of the smallest.

Like all penguins they are skilled swimmers. While hunting, they reach speeds of up to 35 km per hour!

Galápagos Penguins pair for life. They breed 2-3 times per year with both parents helping with incubation.

Unfortunately, the species’ numbers has declined significantly from severe El Niños, which decrease food supply, thereby impacting health & reproduction. Galapagos penguins are also vulnerable to by-catch, being preyed upon by invasive species, as well as oil spills, and marine pollution.

Take action to help the Galapagos Penguin. Support regulations and organizations that promote safe fishing practices and keeping ocean habitats clean!