Biodegradable Timeline

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It’s 2020 on the Pale Blue Dot. On this day – February 14th – in 1990, the Voyager 1 Space Probe took a photograph of Earth from a record-breaking distance of 6 billion kilometers away. The photograph was named ‘Pale Blue Dot,’ describing how minuscule our home planet appears in the context of space. And yet, in the context of our individual lives, the world often seems too big to take on. How can we conquer the challenges our planet faces? What state will our planet be in – in 2030, 2040, 2050? We may not be able to know for sure, but we can know this for certain: the actions we take today will ripple into tomorrow. Perhaps if we focus on our desired destination (protecting and restoring our planet) we can connect the dots… one little dot at a time… and navigate towards a better, more sustainable future.

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